Lying at the foot of Eastern Himalayas, this scenic city providing some exceptional views of the snow clad mountains is the gateway to the beautiful North East! Located inSiliguri Corridor (Chicken’s neck), a thin strip of land connecting the mainland of India with the north east of India, Siliguri is a prominent town in the Darjeeling districtof West Bengal.

One of the fastest growing cities in the north east; famous for its tea plantations, it is also the gateway to Gangtok, Mirik, Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Kurseong, as these hills stations can be approached only through Siliguri.

From spectacular views of the majestic Kanchenjunga peak to attractions like Madhuban Nature Park, Shorea-forest recreation center and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Siliguri is also a favorite amongst tourists heading NorthEast, boasting of lush green environs… rolling hills… pleasant climate through most of the year, and meandering rivers!

Built in 1930  at the confluence of the Rangeet and Teesta River, the Coronation Bridge, also known as Sevoke Coronation Bridge (to mark the Coronation of the King George V) is one of the best architectural wonders in the country, and a landmark in the north east region of India, connecting Darjeeling with Jaipalguri. Known for its marvelous design, architectural style, breathtaking views of the Teesta River below, and high green mountains on both sides, the area here is a favorite picnic spot for those visiting Siliguri.

Situated between Mahananda and Teesta Rivers, the Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary is a vast expanse of forest land at the foot hills of the Himalayan range. A natural habitat of many varieties of exotic fauna and flora, animals found here include the rare mountain goat, Chetal, tiger, elephant, barking deer, fishing cat, Sambar, Indian bison and many more. The Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary is also known for its many migratory birds that visit during the winter season.

The perfect place to catch up on your trekking, here one can find various trekking routes with difficulty levels ranging from mild to medium, even trekking challenges for trekking enthusiasts…with exciting trekking trails like Deorali, Golaghat – Mana, Latpancher sited as favorites amongst adventure seekers. Besides its trekking trails and exotic wildlife, one can also find some picturesque picnic spots here.

Founded by Indian Army, the Madhuban Park is also a spectacular park known for its lush surroundings and serene ambience, which make it a perfect place to visit over weekends. Delighting children & adults alike are the small animals found here that include rabbits, peacocks and deer; also spotted in this area is a large variety of butterflies with many colors.

Another park here that not only proves to be entertaining but also a learning experience for kids is the Surya Sen Park here, located at Mahakal Pally near  Siliguri. An eco-friendly and picturesque park, besides offering its visitors entertainment it also provides visitors with a chance to increase awareness about alternative energy sources.

Situated near Sevoke, the Kali Mandir of Siliguri is an ancient temple located very close to Coronation Bridge in Siliguri. Important for Hindus, as the temple is said to be the abode of living Goddess Kali, it is not only visited  by locals but also pilgrims from adjoining areas, and is most famous among newlyweds who visit it to attain blessings of Goddess Kali for a happy married life.

Attracting thousands of pilgrims and devotees is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as Hare Krishna Movement, which enshrines aRadha Madhav idol, an image of Lord Krishna with his wife Radha. Fully constructed in modern architectural style, this temple is a work of art with beautiful glossy walls and marble floorings.

Besides temples, Siliguri is also known for its monasteries, the Salugara Monastery being one such noted monastery established by Tibetal Buddhist Monks, the followers of the Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama. The interesting feature of this monastery is the 100 feet stupa founded by the Tibetan Lama, Kalu Rinpoche. Nestled among the lush green forests and hilly terrains, this Monastery is an ideal tranquil location for meditation, offering a great sense of spiritual peace to its visitors.

The Science City in Siliguri, also known as The North Bengal Science Centre, a knowledge base of science; is famous for its museum exhibits, scientific experiments and equipment. Known to house a planetarium and Nature Interpretation Centre, while one can watch many interesting shows on astronomy in the planetarium, the Nature Interpretation Centre, displays the region’s natural diversity with exhibits here including a variety of flora and fauna.

Another attraction here maintained by the Indian Army is the Umrao Singh Boat Club  located at Sukna, Siliguri. It makes a great outing for the whole family, with boats available here ranging in size and shape… pedaled boats or engine fitted boats -one can find them all here available in plenty on hire.

At a distance of 140 Km from Siliguri, situated in the Jalpaiguri District Spread, the Jaldapara Wildlife Park is a must visit famous for the endangered one horned rhino. Cut by the passing River Torsa that makes a large part of the park a marshy land, it provides for the perfect setting for this endangered species. While it boasts of a large number of one horned rhinoceros, it is also home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, spotted deer, elephants and gaurs, etc.

The park is also a magnificent spot for bird watchers, and spotted here are the Bengal Florican, Paradise Flycatcher, fishing eagle, peafowl, racket tailed dongo and many other birds.

Another perfect getaway from here known for its many apple orchards and tea gardens is Mirik a picturesque hill station, its main attraction being a natural lake called Sumendu Lake that is surrounded by magnificent hills from all sides. When tourists are not enjoying the boating and fishing activities at the lake, they can visit the reveredHindu Temple of Sangla Devi.

Last but not the least is Savin Kingdom, a scenic location nestled among spacious tea farms, it is famous for its entertaining amusement park and is especially known for its many rides, especially designed for children.

Siliguri is THE place for shopaholics, and is renowned for cheap Chinese goods found here! From low cost imported items to handicrafts and local artifacts, shopping here is a delight for tourists visiting the place!

Being at the border of West Bengal and North East, Siliguri offers best of both cultures! Must buys here include Darjeeling Tea, Tibetan paintings, wooden handicrafts even woolen garments with the best places for shopping being the Hill Cart Road and Sevoke Road. Do try the Hong Kong market too for its electronics.

One of India’s scenic hill resorts, try Siliguri for this is one city that will surely sweep you off your feet by the breathtaking beauty!